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Pay per Click - ( PPC ), paid visibility is a vital component of Search marketing offering and a 'must have' for advertisers looking to drive targeted traffic to their site. The mechanic of PPC advertising is based around a keyword bidding strategy.

Over recent years paid search has transformed direct response marketing online. We are now able to offer the most targeted form of advertising ever. PPC is bought on a Pay per Click basis - it is therefore extremely low risk and offers unmatched budget control against any other medium. We assign a dedicated PPC campaign manager who will offer a hands-on professional approach. A full accountable report will be emailed to you monthly. You also have a professional individual to talk to either in person or over the phone.

We offer a digital team of dedicated Pay Per Click ( PPC ) campaign managers, we offer our clients a wealth of expertise in keyword management, compelling copy writing and integral bid strategy management to effectively manage and optimise your campaign to make sure we offer the best ROI available.

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) is extremely accountable, using sophisticated analytical tools we can measure return on investment including keyword response, this allows us to strategically manage advertising campaigns against specific objectives - be they ROI or brand awareness centred.

Cobain Media currently manage campaigns across all the major UK PPC providers (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Miva and Mirago)

Search Engine Marketing delivers both paid and natural search engine visibility strategies - with the majority of our clients embracing both simultaneously. This proves to be a cost-effective method of maximising coverage in the search engine results and return on investment (ROI), through continual optimisation and learning.

Cobain Media will deliver your marketing message online or off line, across multiple media platforms. Digital Marketing and media planning and buying
will save you time and money whilst achieving the best return offering :

Speak to a member of the Cobain Media digital team and start creating the right online media mix for your business.

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